Postal history in movement

Postal History
on the move

Le Groupe La Poste is the leading local service company in France. It enjoys long-standing roots and a unique network of branches across the country, which has allowed it to forge very close links with local and regional authorities. It is also a company which has developed constantly throughout its history. Its current transformation concerns postal business and professions, working methods and naturally real estate, which is the focus of all these developments.

Its property portfolio of approximately 6.5 million m² consists of more than 11,000 key tertiary, industrial and commercial buildings identified in cities, often right in the centre and with a strong architectural quality. Yet these holdings are ageing and are no longer necessarily well suited to the new uses of La Poste and the city.

For all these reasons, Poste Immo has decided to create a programme called “Patrimoine Postal en Mouvement”. A programme which aims to rethink postal real estate differently.

Rennes palais du commerce

Launched in partnership with the City of Rennes, the call for projects on the  Palais du Commerce of Rennes and its immediate surroundings is the first tangible illustration of this programme.

The objective of this call for projects is to imagine the future life of this emblematic place while taking into account the values of the Le Groupe La Poste and the urban heritage of Rennes.